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According to the statistics of the Ministry of Trade of Vietnam, the national export turnover was about US$2,300 million in August for which the fishery export revenues accounted 9.9%, estimated US$220 million. Approximately, the domestic exports for the first eight months reached US$16,976 million, a year-on-year rise of 16%. While the fishery share was only around US$1,435 million or 57,5% of the 2004 plan for export, a slight year-on-year increase of 2.1%. The fishery export revenue used to made up 11-12% of the national export value over past years. However, this share shrank to 8.5% during last eight months and the average fishery export was merely US$179.4 million per month. In order to meet the 2004 planned fishery export turn-over of US$2.5 billion, the country should export a volume of about US$1,1 billion in value for the remainder of the year or US$260 million per month.

There are many reasons for the low export revenue of the fisheries products over past months. Objectively, the unfair shrimp anti-dumping case in U.S with its preliminary determination of high anti-dumping duties on shrimp imported from Vietnam is the main cause. This case has great impact on most of major shrimp exporters in the world, leading to the depreciation of shrimp on large scale. In addition, the world economic situation has not been quite stable. The bird flu and political changes also show considerable impacts on the fisheries consumption in many countries. Subjectively, there are many shortcomings in terms of aquaculture development, higher oil price resulted in lower earnings from marine fishing, the shift to alternative markets was not strong enough to compensate for the loss in the U.S market, etc.

The whole Vietnamese Fishery Sector is determining to mobile all resources and take all measures to achieve best results in production, marketing, especially in exports. This achievement requires not only the efforts from the Ministry of Fisheries and other management departments in the sector but also the commitment of enterprises, fishers, farmers, organizations, associations; the collaboration of concerning sectors, departments; stronger international cooperation in the common cause of fisheries sector.





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